Young rider and coach continue famous horseback coaching legacy

young rider in coach you’re sharing a special bond at Rebecca farm as they continue a horse riding legacy Martin Hsu has the story with almost 700 competitors here Rebecca farm one young rider and his coach are continuing a famous coaching legacy this is young rider Benjamin Newton’s first time at the event Rebecca farm a small-town boy from st. Louis Missouri Noonan says he dreamed of competing in this event but he didn’t know where to start that’s where the legendary O’Connor family stepped in they teach me everything from riding a horse to getting on a horse for the first time Noonan explains the O’Connor’s are considered horse royalty to many in the community Karen she went to the villa limpet games five times and David he went he went and he won a gold medal he went in 1996 and he won silver team medal with the United States and he actually went to the 2000 Games in Sydney Australia and he won a gold medal at Newton’s coach Allison Springer says the O’Connor’s legacy doesn’t stop there growing up in the Midwest just loving horses and then I found my way to the east coast with the o’connor’s which are kind of the top in this country and they really brought me to the top level of the sport she says being able to share this with Benjamin is extremely special so circling back and getting giving back to my areas been a dream of mine well the O’Connor’s couldn’t be at the event at Rebecca farm Noonan is ready to compete his dream to be an Olympic horseback rider just like his mentors in Kalispell Lauren sue MTN news

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