Zempire Mono Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

Zempire Mono Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Hey folks, I’ve got the Zempire Mono one-person, lightweight, single-pole Hiking Tent behind me and I’m gonna show you how to set it up
and pack it away today. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today down at the Brown Hill Creek
Caravan Park in Adelaide’s leafy, eastern suburbs, it’s
only 20 minutes to the city, 20 minutes to the beach,
and it’s a beautiful, quaint little spot, they’ve
given us some space here today to show you some of our products. I’ve got the Zempire
Mono Hiking Tent here, it’s a single pole,
one-person, lightweight tent. Now I’m gonna show you how to
set it up and pack it away. First, I’ll show you
what comes in the bag. So inside the bag, you have
your Zempire Mono Tent, you get the inner portion of the tent, this is the fly sheet
here, this is your pole and there is also a pole repair
sleeve inside that one there you get little bag of alloy Tri Pegs, these are lightweight Tri Pegs. And you get a couple of
straps to hold it together and your instruction manual. Now, you can also get
an optional footprint, these are available extra,
allows you to set the tent up as a fly-only option, it
also adds extra protection to the floor of your tent. I’m not gonna set that up for you today, but it is available as an option. The first thing I need to
do, is spread the inner out and put the pole in place. Now, there’s two points at which
the pole goes into the base of the tent, there’s eyelets
on a clip at each end. So we put the pole into each
of these eyelets, put it there and then we flex it around so that it goes into place at the other end as well. Now, once you’ve got this in place, we do all these clips up over the top and then we can put the pegs in. Now, as you can see, it
is just a single pole tent so it’s not free-standing as it is. So what we’re gonna do
now is grab six pegs, put them in all around the base, one on each end, then two on each side. So that’s the pegs in place
now, there’s only six of them. Now, I’ve had the beauty
of soft ground here today and I can push them I with just my foot. Now, these are lightweight Tri Pegs so if you were to use a
hammer on them, they’re not gonna respond very well to
being belted really hard, they’re made to be
lightweight in your pack, so if you’ve got hard
ground somewhere, you might wanna invest in some
slightly heavier duty pegs that you can drive into hard ground, cause you do need pegs
to put this tent up. Now, putting the fly on is pretty easy, we throw it over the
top, there’s Velcro tabs to attach it to the pole here, and we just clip it in at the ends, and then we’ve got six more
pegs to go around the outside. Now, I tell I lie about
the number of pegs, there’s actually on four
pegs for the base of the fly ’cause the ends clip in. Once I’ve got all those in, that’s our fly and our inner set up. Don’t have to use Guy
Ropes if it’s calm weather but I’ll put these in today just for a bit of extra stability. There’s four Guy Ropes,
two in the back here, two in the front. In terms of the number of pegs you need for the Zempire Mono, I thought I was short two of
them but I don’t think I am, there’s a peg point here,
and an extra Guy Rope that I still need to put in place. Now, the two pegs that I put
into the ends of the tent probably don’t need to be there, because there’s so many Guy
Ropes and pegs around it that holding it down, so
I’m gonna take the two out of the very ends of
the points and use them for these spots here, now, this peg here is gonna hold this fly
sheet out from the inner and then I got one more
Guy Rope to put in. The last thing you wanna do
is just with these straps where the fly attaches to the inner, just tighten them up,
so it’s nice and taught over the top of the tent here. And that, is our Zempire
Mono Tent, all set up. That was super easy by one person, which is good, given
its a one-person tent. Pack up, is pretty easy too. The first thing we’re gonna do is take all the pegs for the Guy Ropes out and all the pegs for the fly, ’cause Zempire have put little
rope loops on these pegs, which makes getting them out
of the ground, really easy. So I’ve got all the
pegs out of the fly now, I can remove the clips and the
Velcro tabs and fold it up. See my fly folded up, now
I’m gonna take the pegs out of the inner, I could undo
the clips off the pole here, remove the pole, and pack
it all back into the bag. That, is how you set up and pack away the
Mono Tent from Zempire. These are great, single
pole, one person tent for solo adventures. They weigh in at about 1.7 kilos total, down to about 1.5 trail weight. And they are a good three-season tent, they do have a full mesh inner, so it would pretty breezy
in the cold weather, you probably have to compensate with some warmer sleeping gear with that. You can grab these online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices everyday. I hope you found that useful,
we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) If you found that video useful,
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