Zion’s Observation Point Hike Guide

Zion’s Observation Point Hike Guide

[music] Okay, so three and a half hours to Las
Vegas. Let’s go. Good morning! Well, the sun beat us to the punch with the
whole waking up this morning. Which is okay, because I have been so jet-lagged
and sleeping like, six hours a night. But we got ten hours last night. Now it’s breakfast time. Good morning. So, protip, if you’re not really good at planning,
like me? You want to come to a really popular park
like Zion? There is a camping ground at the Quality Inn,
which is just near the south entrance, so that’s where we are camping. And we have that awesome riverside campsite. It’s like 40 bucks a night but it’s kind of
standard. So, it’s not about option if all the campgrounds
are fairly relative. So, here we are at Stop 7, Weeping Rock, but
we are going to Observation Point. Angels Landing is the more popular hike in
the park but, we did that ten years ago. So, we decided we don’t need to repeat
that but, we’re going to go to Observation Point which actually looks down on Angels
Landing. So, it’s less popular, it’s supposed to be
more spectacular, although, I think the hike is a little bit harder so, I’ll let you know. Mum knows a thing or two about rocks. Just a little. This is a sedimentary rock, you’ve got
all these layers but… Yeah, so this area was all under water
so there was shallow season this area. And you can see the diagonal lines are water
marks as water was flowing, and as the level of the water was changing and sediments were
being deposited. You have an accumulation and accumulation
and accumulation here in this area for about six million years of the sediments. And you can see how they build up over time. Now I have them in my background.” It’s okay. Mum, you should be a tour guide. Oh, thank you. I would love to. A rock tour guide. So this trail has been beautiful so far. This is way prettier than the Angels Landing
trail. So I’m really excited to see what’s on top There’s someone playing a flute up there, and it’s really pretty. Now, definitely in the sun. If you are doing it, bring a hat and sunscreen and
lots of water. About a mile from the end now and that’s how
it’s looking. It’s pretty cool, really. This is the moment. We’ve made it to the end of the trail and
so have few other people. I’m excited to see the view. So here we are. Absolutely beautiful. I think that down there is Angel’s Landing. I can actually see people on it. So we’re way above here actually. I feel like I’m on the top of Zion but this
is actually a way better view. Pro tip, everybody is over there because that
is like the viewpoint but this one is pretty much the same. And there’s nobody here, so mum and I are
going to have our lunch here, in relative silence. Well, that was kind of sad. Said goodbye to mom because she’s got to back
to school. She’s teaching, so I’m going to be doing the
rest of this trip so, “Whoa,” which is fine. I travel solo all the time so, next stop is
Brice, the grocery store and then I’m going to Grand Escalante’s staircase, Grand Escalante. National monument, because I heard there’s
a really dope hike trail I want to try out. So, at least you’re with me. Let’s go.

17 thoughts on “Zion’s Observation Point Hike Guide

  1. So glad to see your video pop up. Looks like a cool new adventure in the Southwest. Looking forward to seeing more from the area.

  2. i hope you make video of places like mammoth cave in ky and while you are there visit other spots like natural bridge and the breaks of the mountain. I like your videos ..

  3. We did the same thing, so beautiful. We hiked in from the park boundary and came in from the top. My husband had been here before but wanted us to see the park from the top view point first, it was amazing πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing.

  4. I play basketball but I don't do long hikes. This is 4 miles up a mountain then back, do you think this is something that I need to train for first? 8 miles seems like a lot! Thanks!

  5. I like your video you seem very down to earth not cocky and annoying like some of these other ppl. I travel all over for hikes as well & I will be going back to Zion again this year. btw which hike did you do at Grand Staircase ?

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